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Posted on Mar 21, 2020 in Danger of Headphones

Legality Of Wearing Headphones While Driving A Motorcycle

Legality Of Wearing Headphones While Driving A Motorcycle

It is not uncommon to hear a biker using ear plugs to drive, and it is very uncomfortable to constantly hear the hum of the air, the road and the wind, which can cause deafness and even headaches.

Many bikers doubt whether or not you can use earplugs while riding a motorcycle, therefore, next some doubts need to be clear about it regarding it is illegal to wear headphones while driving a motorcycle or not.

Although motorcyclists wear a helmet, it does not prevent leaks and allow air to enter.

If you use to be fanatical about motorcycles, you will surely know that the lack of soundproofing compared to a car in the long term can generate negative effects, such as deafness or headaches.

Can you really use plugs on a motorcycle?

When in doubt whether or not it is legal to use ear plugs to drive a motorcycle, and if it is therefore a possible solution to this problem, the answer is no, motorcycle ear plugs are not legal.

According to the Law, earphones while riding or event that reduces the auditory sense while driving is not allowed.

music on earphones

There are many types of plugs, but it is not convenient to use them while driving, since what they do is that you isolate yourselves from outside noise.

While driving, both on the road and in the city, the biker must be aware of everything around him. One must bear in mind that it is necessary to pay special attention to the greater vulnerability compared to other vehicles.

One can fade with these conditions, it is necessary to look beyond legal restrictions and ensure safety as drivers, avoiding actions that increase the risk of accidents or falls on a motorcycle, such as the use of ear plugs.

Exposure to penalties for using ear plugs

According to the Rules of the road is forbidden to listen to music on earphones while riding connected to audio devices or mobile devices.

While it happens to be true that it doesn’t specifically refer to earplugs, the current regulation is quite explicit when it states that any type of device that reduces hearing is prohibited.

The penalties that can lead to the use of ear plugs while riding a motorcycle are practically inexpensive, they can stop you and put a fine for driving with ear plugs.

Despite the greater vulnerability of this type of vehicle against passenger cars, statistics indicate that in most cases the risk of an accident is the fault of the human factor.

If you are a lover of motorcycles, do not use ear plugs, since they are not legal and pose a danger to you and to other drivers. Regardless of economic sanctions, the most important thing is security.