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Posted on May 10, 2020 in Computer Audio, Listen Music

The Legitimacy Of Downloading Music From Youtube

The Legitimacy Of Downloading Music From Youtube

As is widely known, YouTube, owned by Google Inc., is the world’s most visited audio-visual content website. For this reason, thousands of artists and fans decide to upload their works to this platform, which undoubtedly sets the tone for the moment.

Similarly, for some years the streaming music service has become widespread in the world, with online music app as its maximum exponent. However, many people still prefer to download music directly from the web.

Being careful is essential

This procedure can have consequences. Thus, if you decide to download music from YouTube directly by copyright or extract the mp3 video through unauthorized programs; you are considered to be committing an act of piracy.

This is because the rules protect intellectual property, since it is an artistic effort that deserves to be paid.

For this reason, the United States recently decided to take action on the matter, prohibiting the creation of pages that allow the download YouTube music for personal use and progressively closing those that exist on the Internet.

This initiative, while championed by the music industry and its businesses, is also supported by civil rights associations. YouTube has been pretty clear about it, banning this type of hacking.

But is it really possible to protect all the content that is somehow uploaded to the Internet? And even more: is it really against intellectual property that a person uses a composition for exclusively personal use and without profit?

protect intellectual property

There is much discussion in that regard. Although in the United States it is allowed to use extracts from audio-visual works for educational and / or critical purposes, avoiding copyright; In Canada, the legislation has gone one step further.

In that country, a law passed a few years ago regarding the legitimacy of downloading music on YouTube states that a person can freely download music from YouTube, as long as the content is not sold or distributed.

And although Google insists on suing the sites that offer content protected by its site, the reality is that there is also an economic reproduction right, by which any artist should be able to download his work without restrictions.

This only seems to reflect the continuing dispute between user limits and copyright protection.