World Star (Upcoming)

This Crazy Image (Upcoming)

Airplane Drawings (New York to Zurich), 2014

Actual Person, 2014 | 89+ & LUMA Foundation Poetry will be made by all! | Print Editions via Social Malpractice | NY Art Book Fair

Long Now, 2013 | Content is Relative

Correspondence, 2013 |

Assorted Poems, 2013

PrintMaster, 2013 | When all of my friends are on at once

Template Jams, 2013 | Release

Affiliate Program, 2013 | The Download

Abject Aesthetics, 2013

Found Abstract Renders, 2012, 2012

Low Poly Idol, 2011



Capital  “I” by Harry Burke, Babelsprech International

7 Rising Art Stars to Watch, ArtFCity

Selfie Poetics by Andrew Durbin, Mousse

Deanna Havas on Cynicism, Ideology and the Golden Age of the Advertorial, by Anna Soldner, Dis Magazine

Outrage Panel for Adult Mag

Exhibitionism or Perhaps Rejection by Rózsa Farkas, Either/And